Basketball Twins Provide a Double Dose of Scoring

WTW’s Price siblings flourish thanks to unspoken bond

For W.T. White basketball teammates Ben and John Price, playing alongside one another comes with privileges and pressure.

If one is struggling, they can count on their twin brother to instinctively fill the gap. Yet if either of them loses focus or intensity, his sibling will be the first to hold him accountable.

That’s the way it has always been for the Price brothers, who comprise 40% of the starting lineup and often a higher percentage of the scoring this season for the Longhorns.

“They communicate with each other very well,” said WTW head coach Patrick Washington. “They’re the ultimate mismatches because they can play multiple positions. It can be a bit confusing.”

At 6-foot-6 — although John is slightly taller and a minute older — both siblings are known for their combination of athleticism and fundamentals on the wing.

Off the court, they share the same friends and interests, from food to fashion to video games. So it makes sense that they’ve always played on the same teams growing up.
“Everybody’s always asking who’s the better twin,” Ben said. “We’re always competing against each other.”

There are hints of sibling rivalry, but coaching each other during workouts or film sessions is in the interest of mutual improvement. Sharing the court has its competitive advantages, too.

“I know what he’s going to do before he does it,” John said. “I can pass it to where he’s going because I know he’s going to make that move.”

The brothers flourished last season after transferring to WTW from a Coppell charter school. They helped lead the Longhorns to the third round of the Class 5A playoffs. Ben was named the 11-5A defensive MVP, and John was a first-team all-district honoree. They’re both high achievers in the classroom.

“They’ve always been good kids,” said their mother, Tomeka Price. “Coach Washington has brought something out of them that has brought them together. It’s been refreshing to watch.”

This year, the Price brothers have emerged as leaders for a taller and deeper WTW squad that has even higher aspirations. And that intrinsic connection will no doubt be vital.

“We know where we are at all times on the court,” Ben said. “I don’t have to say too much. I just give him a look.”

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