Face Haus Brings “No Frills” Facials to Preston Hollow

We’re calling it the new normal when it comes to beauty care.

Whether you’re on the go, on a budget, or looking for a fun way to keep your skin in check, a new facial bar in Preston Hollow is checking all the boxes.

“Let’s change the industry,” co-owner Jennifer Worley said about the concept that led her and fellow working moms Dawn Olmstead and Karey Burke to launch Face Haus, the first ever open concept facial bar.

Worley said while facials are typically seen as a luxury service with a price tag to match, she and her friends wanted to create a more inclusive environment – coining it “facials for the people.”

“Without compromising the quality.”

Opening this Saturday in Preston Royal Village, the concept is sort of like the Dry Bar of facials; the vibe is trendy and refreshing, but in a way that just about anyone would feel comfortable. It’s the kind of place you can take your friends, daughter, son, mom, dad, grandparents, or significant other.

The difference between Face Haus and other high-end skincare locations is that Face Haus’ treatments are all incredibly affordable.

Face Haus is designed to offer quick in-and-out service and completes most treatments within an hour, with signature services starting at $65. Face Haus also offers more targeted treatments for just $10.

The process, especially for newbies, is pretty simple: You’re handed an iPad when you walk in for a fast check-in and then immediately escorted to your chair where a professional aesthetician walks you through the treatment.

And while the open concept took a second to wrap our minds around – there’s no walls or doors to hide behind – we felt right at home once the steam began hitting our face and would quickly call the experience intimate.

Worley said the idea behind the open concept is to shift the traditional spa facial experience to one that is social, lively and feels great to be in.

Two things that we really enjoyed about the service was the clean, nontoxic products they used, which smelled wonderful, and how out esthetes talked to us about our skin care routine, problem areas, and how we could address them with future services or add-ons.

The add-ons include things like the “lip, love, laugh,” which costs $10 and includes an enzyme mask to target lines around the mouth, and “beam me up” a $75 LED light experience that uses red light to reduce inflammation, amber light to promote collagen, and blue light to kill acne-causing bacteria.

The facial bar also sells packages, the cheapest is three facials for $185 and says membership is on the horizon.

Face Haus opens March 16 at Preston Royal Village, Suite 123. The first 50 people to visit on opening day will receive a gift card valued between $10 and $75. Just use the code “Facials for the People.”


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Bianca R. Montes

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