Beck Realty Hangs Residential Real Estate Shingle

Scott Beck has a lot of irons in the fire — the ongoing Midtown project with Beck Ventures, a bank, a multifamily property venture Anthem Development, and Beck Realty. And now he’s adding one more as he turns his attention to Dallas’ hot residential real estate market and hangs the shingle for Beck Realty Residential.

Beck said that when he began looking at the residential real estate landscape, he knew he wanted to create a team that knew the market, and that understood from the onset the level of service he wanted to bring with his newest venture.

He found that, he said, with Courtney Tauriac and Crystal Gonzalez, who were a longstanding team with Compass before moving to the newly-formed Beck Realty Residential.

“They really know the market well, and they’re both super smart,” he said.

Beck said that he envisions this new endeavor as “offering white-glove service, but it’s for the entire Metroplex, not just luxury buyers.”

The three are on the same page, they said.

“We want to build a firm that captures the true essence of our city and its unique neighborhoods and the experiences each offers,” Tauriac and Gonzalez said. “Dallas has an incredibly rich history and architecture is one way that story is told.  Our neighborhoods are just as beautifully diverse as the people that call Dallas home.  

“It’s easy to get lost in trying to be all things to all people but we are focused on being really good at real estate and an excellent client experience, period.”

Tauriac and Gonzalez are joined by realtor associate Marcos Hernandez and transaction coordinator Rebecca Fletcher.

The two women have worked together for several years. Both had stints at David Griffin & Co. before heading to Compass as the Gonzalez & Tauriac Group. Gonzalez has 18 years of real estate experience that also includes time with Al Coker & Associates and Palladium USA. Tauriac, originally from Oklahoma, has been in real estate for 20 years total — 11 of them in Dallas.

Both said that making the move to a brand new residential real estate company — and getting it established — was made easier because of the Beck family’s longstanding pride in the city.

“It’s easy to get lost in trying to be all things to all people but we are focused on being really good at real estate and an excellent client experience, period.”

Courtney Tauriac and Crystal Gonzalez

“Beck Ventures attracted us because of their tremendous pride in our city and continued contribution of economic development,” Tauriac and Gonzalez said. “We loved the idea of partnering with a company who is pouring their resources locally into our great city and to be a part of something bigger than just the sale of a home.”

“We don’t concentrate our efforts on only one neighborhood or price point,” they added. “We have developed with Scott the most important resources one might need when buying or selling their home and these services will be offered to every Beck Realty client.”

The two also see themselves in the neighborhoods and homes they sell, and Beck said he sees the women-led shop as “the best of America — a women and minority-led business.”

“Our team is heavily invested in Dallas and we want to work with a company that is just as passionate about our city as we are.”

Learn more about the two working moms — and how they navigated the pandemic and a busy market — in the May issues of Preston Hollow People and Park Cities People.

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