How to Give Your Houseguests a Luxury Hotel Experience

Does your guest bedroom need an update? With the right look and shopping list, you can recreate the feel of a luxury hotel in your own home.

The best hotel rooms are not only comfortable but tastefully designed. Using a distinctive or unusual headboard in your room is one way to make a statement. Decorative pillows, rugs, and throw blankets also provide opportunities to add a burst of color.

Other ways to add personality to your guest bedroom include decorating the wall with a gallery of artwork, choosing a colorful wallpaper, or picking a theme for the room. When it comes to color schemes, you can go light and bright for a clean and refreshing look or dark for a cozy, cave-like feel.

Your room should be well-lit so guests can comfortably read. However, you’ll also want it to be as dark as possible so guests can get a good night’s sleep. To achieve this, you can install window treatments with blackout lining or leave a sleep mask on the bedside table.

It’s common for old, tired bedding sets to be relegated to the guest bedroom. Instead, consider investing in new sheets with a high thread count. If your mattress is uncomfortable or lumpy, you can put on a memory foam topper or mattress pad to make it feel like new.

The key to being a great host is to anticipate your guest’s needs before they do. Here is a checklist of different items you can include that help you go the extra mile:

• Bathrobe, slippers

• Water bottles and drinking glasses

• Fresh flowers

• Luggage rack

• Pen and paper

• Books and magazines

• Note with your Wi-Fi password

• Small clock (make sure it doesn’t tick loudly)

• Hair dryer, travel-size toiletries

• Snacks (such as a bowl of fruit)

• Charging station for electronic devices

• Coffee pot

• Ironing board and iron

When your bedroom is close to complete, stay a night to test it out. Did you sleep as comfortably as you would in your primary bed? Were you missing anything?

Inviting guests into your home gives them a glimpse into your lifestyle. After you implement these design tips, your guests will not only enjoy their stay but admire your excellent taste too.

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Margaret Chambers

Margaret Chambers, a registered interior designer (RID) and member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), leads Chambers Interiors and Associates. Her colleague Caitlin Crowley helped edit this column. Find more design advice at

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