Telling Your Stories

When you’re a community newspaper, you know your charge is to not only inform your readers but also to tell their stories.

As you turn the pages of the March print issues of Preston Hollow People and Park Cities People, you’ll find familiar faces (and if they aren’t, they will be now) and what they’ve been up to. And a lot of those stories came by way of tips from our readers.

It’s actually very simple to send us story ideas (and we love it when you do). If you go to, and scroll to the bottom, you’ll find an option to submit a story tip. Click on it, and you’ll find yourself looking at a form that will help you make sure you’ve given us everything we need to get started.

Need it even simpler? You can always email [email protected] and provide your story idea that way, too.

We also routinely invite our readers and neighbors to take part in already planned stories. You can find invitations to join in surveys, or even just send us photos and impressions of things going on in your community. You can typically find those calls to action on our social media accounts, where we are PHollowPeople and PCPeople on Facebook and Twitter, and PeopleNewspapers on Instagram.

For instance, during the latest winter weather, we asked readers to send us and tag us in their snow day fun — you can find the results of that on our website. During the days leading up to the Super Bowl, we asked neighbors to show us how they were celebrating former Highland Park quarterback Matthew Stafford’s appearance at the big game with the Los Angeles Rams, and once again, neighbors delivered with pictures, signs, and more. 

In the coming months, look for our requests regarding your experiences at the ballot box, your graduation photos, summer vacation snaps, and more. We’d also love to hear about why you love your neighborhood — we’re busy working on a great Newcomers’ Guide that will be out soon, and hearing from you would make it an even better effort.

We love creating each issue with our neighbors, and hope you enjoy catching up with us each month (or more often, if you’re visiting our website).

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